Owen Lingnau
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~*~Patrick's~*~ Grand Mamma lit a candle on 09/22/2007: "little Owen.Our Patrick is 8 mo. in heaven 2day.Celebrate w/ him.God has special blessings 4 His baby-angels."
~*~Patrickclark's~*~ Grand Mama lit a candle on 09/15/2007: "little Owen.Have a blessed day in God's beautiful paradise."
Christine &. Doug Savage lit a candle on 09/14/2007: "Sending prayers and hugs to you, and to Angel Owen. Such a beautiful boy. Think of you often. XO"
Evelyn Diduch lit a candle on 09/12/2007: "Jolene and Family, know you are in my prayers and so is Owen. He will be loved for eternity by us all."
Karin Payne lit a candle on 09/06/2007: "I am so sorry for your loss. my heart goes out to you and your family."
~*~Patrickclark's~*~ Grand Mama lit a candle on 09/06/2007: "Lighting this candle in remembrance of sweet Owen.God bless him & his family."
Jessica &. Katie LeBrocq lit a candle on 09/05/2007: "Sweet child, you are missed dearly, and loved more than words can speak. You touch so many lives."
Nicole &. Torin Segstro lit a candle on 09/03/2007: "Jolene & family. We are so deeply sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way to remember such a beautiful life."
Laura Fagan lit a candle on 09/01/2007: "My heart cries for you and your loss...for the loss of all our children. Love, your friend at D/S"
~*~Patrickclark's~*~ Grand Mother lit a candle on 08/26/2007: "Sweet Owen.The family of a precious angel like you is always in my thoughts & in my prayers."
Doloris &. Kevin Edwards lit a candle on 08/25/2007: "Owen is now an Angel up in Heaven and every time the sun shines it's Owen smileing down at you."
Leanne Schmidt lit a candle on 08/20/2007: "I am so very sorry to hear about your sons passing, may Gods angel's look after him."
Tamberly And Justin Slagle lit a candle on 08/19/2007: "We are thinking of you today sweet Owen."
~*~Patrickjayclark's Grand Mama lit a candle on 08/17/2007: ""The eye of God is watching,ever guarding all who wait in hope".God bless u little Owen."
Michelle Ream lit a candle on 08/15/2007: "Jolene & Family you are always in my thoughts and prayers."
~*~Patrickclark's~*~ Grand Mama lit a candle on 08/13/2007: "Have a beautiful day little Owen.God bless u angel & keep u safe."
Shaylene's Auntie lit a candle on 08/09/2007: "So sorry, about your loss. Things like this make us strong believers. I know it's hard to understand. God bless them."
Gill Clavey lit a candle on 08/08/2007: "So sorry for your loss.Thank you for sharing photos of your very beautiful boy.Think of you so often.With love to all.x"
Shauna Dueck lit a candle on 08/06/2007: "Owen is still in our thoughts and Jolene, you and your family are always in our thoughts and prayers."
Colleen Carp lit a candle on 08/05/2007: "I am so sorry for your lost. I know our babies are in heaven smiling at us both!"
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