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I Miss you SO much baby boy!!!  / Jolene Lingnau (Mommy)
Baby Owen,,
Mommy loves you and misses you so much, my heart is broken still and I long to hold you so bad I can't even stand it! This Christmas season is here and I WANT you HERE with us SO bad!!!!!!!!! I made you a beautiful wreath today and we will take it to your gravesite on Saturday. I know you are not in there, but your beautiful body is. Don't ever forget that mommy, daddy and sister Janaya love you and miss you more than anything. Please watch over all of us, as we cannot bare another loss. Mommy is going to have another baby in June and please watch over your litter brother or sister for us. It is our healing child. You are always my special baby boy and I can't wait to see you my little man!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Owen's 1st Christmas in Heaven  / Sheila Pockett
In my heart  / Angie Fedorchuk (Auntie)  Read >>
In my heart  / Angie Fedorchuk (Auntie)

Hey Buddy!

Some days you are on my mind more than others and I can feel your presence and today is one of those days!  We miss you little man!  I often wonder what it would be like with you here with us.  Tomorrow would be your birthday here on earth so we will have cake for you!  Know that you are loved always and in our hearts forever.  Watch over us and we will see you someday! 

Love Auntie

How Long?  / Kiwi Fedorchuk (Cousin)  Read >>
How Long?  / Kiwi Fedorchuk (Cousin)

I remember that last day I saw you,

I was making you laugh,

that adorable, blessed little laugh.

How long ago was that?

How long since I've seen you?

Your cute little hands and feet.

I miss them.

I miss you.

How I would just love to see you again.

I will.

But how long willl that be?

How long?


I miss you, O-Dog.


5 years...  / Auntie Shar Hull (Auntie)  Read >>
5 years...  / Auntie Shar Hull (Auntie)

Hey little man! I cannot believe it has been 5 years since I saw your beautiful face. I think about you more than anyone could ever imagine and I hope you are happy in heaven with all our your family. Give all of my Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and friends a big hug.

In the short time you were on this earth, you filled so many lives with joy. I cannot express how much I loved you. I do not know why you were taken so soon, because I don't know the master plan, but I can imagine how amazing you would be.

I am so sad today, every year on this day, because you are not here, but I am so happy for you that you get to be in the most amazing place...please keep watching over us. I know you do, I can feel it. Make sure you give your Mom, Dad, Janaya and Justin some love today, because I know they miss you.

MUCH, MUCH love O-Dawg. Miss you unbelievably. -Auntie Shar 

Thinking of you.  / Amber Greene (Customer of Mommy )  Read >>
Thinking of you.  / Amber Greene (Customer of Mommy )

I adopted one of your wonderful puppies almost 4 years ago. You were pregnant with Owen at the time. I remember talking to you when you were on your way to the airport to send Walker to us and I was so worried that you were doing too much while pregnant. I was so excited when I heard about the birth. My heart broke for you when I heard of Owen being taken way too soon. I have prayed for and thought of your family often. As I was sitting here snuggling with Walker you crossed my mind. Love the picture of Owen with the hat on. I know he is with you always. Take care.


Amber Greene

Va. Beach Va.

Thinking of Owen  / Amber Terhune (Friend of mom )  Read >>
Thinking of Owen  / Amber Terhune (Friend of mom )

Jolene and family  I am so sorry today is such a difficult day.  You have been in my thoughts all day.  I am in tears looking at Owen's pictures on this site.  It's all just wrong and unfair.  I wish more than anything he was physically there with you.  Sending tight (((Hugs))).


condolances / RAYMOND ATTARD (nil)  Read >>
condolances / RAYMOND ATTARD (nil)
On behalf of my family we would like to pass on our blessings and may God keep giving you strength. Despite not knowing you and your family we are touched by your experience and wish that the hole in your heart heals fast. Your little Angle is definately watching and taking care of you and us all. Close
To Jolene Deepest Condolences.  / Elly Collins (acquantance)  Read >>
To Jolene Deepest Condolences.  / Elly Collins (acquantance)

One of my puppy buyers is buying one of your babies.  And i WENT   to your site.  I so feel for you, as we just lost our little Jocelyn this last year.  She died from Hyperinsolism.  (probably spelled it wrong)


She was our grandbaby from my son and daughter inlaw.  In the short three months that we had her on earth you sure grow to love them.  And now they are with Jesus and we will see them again whole and healthy and happy.  Just wanted to share that with you and thanks for making my puppy buyers happy with your puppy.  They have one of my little males.


Elly Collins

More news  / Sharla Hull (Auntie)  Read >>
More news  / Sharla Hull (Auntie)

Hi Little Man!

Auntie Shar, Uncle Ryan and your little cousin Brylee have another new addition - Bria Kaeti Jean. She was born on December 23, 11.5 months after her big sister!!

Please watch over my girls Owen. I feel you around us all the time. Keep visiting us!

We love you and miss you beyond words.

First Memorial  / Sheila Pockett (Friends of the Family )  Read >>
First Memorial  / Sheila Pockett (Friends of the Family )
So Sorry  / Nadine Forlizzi   Read >>
So Sorry  / Nadine Forlizzi

I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my 7 week old son, Christopher Michael Goss to SIDS. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Please visit our group and help us give our angels a voice to END SIDS.

with love to you all.......rememberin-g Owen  / Judith Earnshaw (DS)  Read >>
with love to you all.......rememberin-g Owen  / Judith Earnshaw (DS)

I read your tribute to your beautiful baby son and felt so moved by this - and it also took me back 34 years to the time I also lost my third son, Marcus.   All those things are so true - and indeed, you will never get over it but you will heal and be able to hold him gently with you all the time, knowing that your life was changed by him.   He will always be your son and in your heart, to the day you die.  That doesnt mean that you wont be able to be happy again because indeed you will - very happy - alongside the pain which will make you the woman you will become, because of Owen.

Love to you.....Cathrynn X   (DS friend)

I share your Grief  / Norma Jeanne Pohl (friend of his Mom's - I only saw Owen once at his first dog show )  Read >>
I share your Grief  / Norma Jeanne Pohl (friend of his Mom's - I only saw Owen once at his first dog show )
Oh Jolene, I could hardly get through your tribute to your beautiful little boy -the tears are just running down my cheeks . My son Kevin's birthday was on March 10th - so this hs been a tough few days for me too . Your explaination of how you feel and the time needed to try to heal - are SO true. All those emotions never leave you - like you say as a Mom - something has been ripped from you - never to be replaced .Our boys are our angels in heaven - watching over us - until we all meet again . Close
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN"  / Sheila Pockett (Friend of the family )  Read >>
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN"  / Sheila Pockett (Friend of the family )
My heart goes out to you!!!!  / TELESIA SOBOL   Read >>
My heart goes out to you!!!!  / TELESIA SOBOL
I can't even begin to imagine what you've been through!  My heart and prayers go out to you and your family!  He was absolutely beautiful! Close
Miss you!  / Auntie Angie Fedorchuk (Auntie)  Read >>
Miss you!  / Auntie Angie Fedorchuk (Auntie)

Hey Buddy,

     I really miss you today and wish you were here!  I feel so sad that you aren't growing up with Janaya and your cousins.  I think of you everyday.  I am sure you are very happy in heaven with Jesus and all the angels but it doesn't make us miss you any less.  Watch over us little man and know that we love you!

Tonnes of hugs and kisses

Auntie Ang

My condolences  / Theresa Orcutt   Read >>
My condolences  / Theresa Orcutt

I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. My husband and I lost our son William in 2006. I wish I had the strength to create a page like this. It is a beautiful tribute to him. You and your beautiful family are in my prayers.


-Theresa Orcutt

New Baby cousin  / Sharla Hull (Auntie)  Read >>
New Baby cousin  / Sharla Hull (Auntie)

I miss you baby Owen - now more than ever. Auntie had a baby girl, Brylee Mae on January 9, 2008. I am sure you already know and have come to see and watch over her. She always seems to look over my shoulder and smile, and I take comfort in knowing that she is looking at you.  I am sure you already are, but please watch over her and help me keep her safe.  I love you and think of you ALL the time.


Auntie Shar

My condolences  / Jay McNeill   Read >>
My condolences  / Jay McNeill
I hope you continue to heal from this devastating loss.  My heart dropped when I saw this.  This forum is wonderful to have for others to help heal your wounds.  My wife and I shared a similar grief before.  

Best Wishes. Close
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