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For your beautiful baby boy...  / Denise-mom Of Angel Nathanial Pannell
With Love xxxx  / Kerena Wells Sis To Angel Sam Bailey
Beautiful angel Owen  / Michele Adam (passerby)  Read >>
Beautiful angel Owen  / Michele Adam (passerby)
I am sorry for your loss. i too know the pain of losing a grandaughter. Jordan died on 01/02/07 of SIDS and left so many broken hearts and shattered dreams. Please visit her memorial at: and lite a candle or leave condolences to keep her memory alive. I pray for your family to find peace. Our angels are playing in the clouds and loved by God. Blessings to you.... Close
Such a beautiful angel,  / Jane Eisele (Forum)  Read >>
Such a beautiful angel,  / Jane Eisele (Forum)

I'm so very sorry to see your beautiful little boy on this web site. He is precious beyond words to describe. There's a special sweetness, a look that quickly captures the heart and hangs on to it. 

I wish I could offer magic words to ease your sorrow, I wish I could send special magic to erase your pain....... but I can't.

I can say many prayers for you, I can shed tears for the loss of this beautiful, precious little one...... and those I things I offer gladly. 

May God send comfort to your aching heart, may he send peace to  calm the turbulance that has filled your life with such pain.

Thinking of you  / Kristy Nelson   Read >>
Thinking of you  / Kristy Nelson
Jolen, Tim and Janya
What a beautiful tribute to your little angel. I am so sorry that Owen had to leave your family so soon, my deepest sympathy goes out to you  and even though I never met Owen I think of him often. I have had the pleasure of working with you Jolene and having the friendship of Angie, Sharla and Sandra over the last 10 years and hope from the bottom of my heart that your ladies and your whole family will find comfort in all the amazing memories that Owen has brought you. Close
My Little Nephew  / Angie Fedorchuk (Auntie)  Read >>
My Little Nephew  / Angie Fedorchuk (Auntie)
Little (well, really not so little)  Owen, 
     You were and continue to be such a blessing in our family.  I miss you so much and we so badly wish that we could put you back in the arms of your mom and dad.  The thing that is the hardest about you being gone is that your mommy and daddy and of course Janaya, look and feel so sad.  I remember when your mommy told me that she had a boy.  I was so excited that she too could have a "little man" and that Tyas would finally have a boy around!  We didn't get to meet you until your cousin Jerrica was born and already you looked so big!  You really seemed to be so far ahead of where you should have been but I guess you knew you had a short time to touch alot of lives.  You taught me that I need to be so grateful for what I have and to never take the simple times for granted.   You have been the stepping stone to being our entire family closer to God and to each other.  Thank you for watching over us.  Tyas saw you again at the Fireworks tonight!!  We wil NEVER, EVER forget you and we will miss you every day.

All My Love,
Auntie Angie (xo xo xo) Close
Another Angel  / Janet Healy (friend)  Read >>
Another Angel  / Janet Healy (friend)
Sitting on the lap of God. Keeper of all Labradors at the Rainbow Bridge. Janet

Beautiful Owen  / Tina Turcotte Swen Blaser   Read >>
Beautiful Owen  / Tina Turcotte Swen Blaser
Difficult to understand why God would need such a young angel on his side. I guess he needed the purest of souls there is. He found it in Owen. My heart goes out to your family.  Bless you all.   Close
Angels / Allison Hillius (friend)  Read >>
Angels / Allison Hillius (friend)

Heaven has one more angel.
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious boy.

A Wonderful Tribute  / Shauna Dueck   Read >>
A Wonderful Tribute  / Shauna Dueck
Jolene - you've done a wonderful job with this site and it is a lovely tribute to Owen.  He was a beautiful little boy and has touched many hearts.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.   God bless. Close
I am so very sorry to hear of your loss  / Jolene Bardal   Read >>
I am so very sorry to hear of your loss  / Jolene Bardal
Dear Jolene & Family,

It was at the NACA dog show that I was made aware of your tragic loss of Baby Owen. I can not even begin what you are going through. I just wanted to say I am so very sorry for your loss. That little baby was so lucky to have had you. Again I am very very sorry for the loss of your Son. Close
Miss Baby O-Dawg  / Sharla Hull (Auntie)  Read >>
Miss Baby O-Dawg  / Sharla Hull (Auntie)
I remember when Jolene called me and told me "He's out". She was so excited to have gotten such a beautiful little boy. What a joy he was. From the minute I saw him he had me wrapped tightly around his little finger. Every time I was around him I could not put him down. I enjoyed every moment I had holding him and kissing his beautiful little face. Even when he showed us his lung capacity, he seemed to calm down in Auntie's arms, maybe because I loved to hold him, loved to be with him. 

I am so happy that my husband Ryan and I went and spent a weekend with Tim, Jolene, Janaya and Owen. I held him all weekend and kissed his beautiful little face. My favorite memory of Owen is from that weekend. He fell asleep in my arms and I took him upstairs to his bed, but when I laid him down he started to cry. So I picked him back up and laid him down on the big bed and laid beside him. He looked at me and smiled and talked for over an hour. For that long, it was just Owen and I. That little boy looked through my eyes into my heart. It is unreal to me that without even knowing, that weekend was last time I got to hold him and kiss him and make him smile and laugh. It is unreal to think that I won't see him again until I meet him up above.

Owen has taught us how precious life is and how much everyone in our lives means to us. How much love you feel maybe even without realizing it. Owen taught us what love really is. He taught us how quickly life can change and how you should always put the people that you love, first in your life. He taught us that even through the biggest tragedy in life, the people who love us will be there to support and care for us. 

Jolene and Tim - thank-you for giving me such an amazing little nefew to love, even if for such a brief time. You are amazing parents and he is lucky to have had you. Your loss is intolerable and I am so proud of how you guys have looked to God for thw strength to get through this targedy. I love you guys and Janaya so much and will be here anytime you need me. 

Sharla Close
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